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Who are we?
Vibrant is based in Telford UK. We are backed by multi billion pound global company. That kind of size comes in useful when supplying and supporting quality PC peripherals.

Vibrant Quality
Every product is subjected to the most rigorous quality checks with objectives such as a mean time between failure of 70,000 hours for CDT monitors, to ensure that they provide exceptional screen performance and function reliably for many years.

The Environment
As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, Vibrant monitors incorporate advanced MPRII low radition or the more demanding TCO 95/99 standards.

Flexible service
Vibrant offer a wide variety of service options guaranteed to suit your customers requirements.

Value for money
The range of products combine excellent ergonomic design with state of the art technology, at affordable price, providing customers with superb value for money, whichever product they choose.

Excellent Back-up
Regular sales contact to bring you up to speed with all the latest deals, a technical hotline to assist you, in the unlikely event of a problem, and a guaranteed prompt delivery service are just a few of the benefits our customers enjoys.